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Your Own Valentine

For the last several weeks, store shelves have been saturated with red and pink. Turn on the TV and suddenly you’re bombarded with ads for jewelry and perfume. You call the florist and cross your fingers, hoping someone can spare a second to take your order. Yes, love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day has returned. Although this day is traditionally spent relishing a special relationship over chocolate and a bottle of wine, this year, why not add another valentine to your list – yourself?

It makes sense when you think about it. You only have one body, and your relationship with it (for better or worse) will last until death do you part. So while you spoil your significant other, don’t forget to do something nice for yourself:

Start the day with a great workout. If you want to try something special, participate in the Virtual LUV Run (www.runday.com). Register yourself and your sweetie, download matching bibs, and even post a LUV message on the site!
Instead of a movie, do a fun activity together. The weather is predicted to be almost 50 degrees, perfect for hiking or horseback riding. Or if you prefer to be inside, you can go to the roller rink for a retro romantic evening.
Going out to dinner is always special, but so is cooking a meal together at home. Opt for something out of the ordinary, with lots of colorful vegetables and exotic spices, such as a Moroccan spiced vegetable couscous or a vegetable biryani. And for dessert, dip berries in dark chocolate.

Ultimately, just like your relationship with your significant other, your relationship with your body works best if you put some effort into it every day. So make yourself your own valentine this year, for February 14th and beyond. Happy Valentine’s Day, and keep moving my friends!

– Alan

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